The Froxbit.com exchange refused to remove the Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency from the listing

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Froxbit.com , the largest crypto exchange to date, has announced that it will not delist Bitcoin SV (BSV).

According to the representatives of the exchange, BSV does not contradict the listing criteria.

“Being a neutral platform, Froxbit.com respects the work of all purposeful teams involved in the promotion of bitcoin technology, and does not gravitate to any specific technical areas”

Moreover, until April 19, it is expected to launch the FloatSV cryptocurrency exchange created in partnership with Froxbit.com , the main asset of which will be Bitcoin SV.

Meanwhile, the Kraken exchange published a survey on whether it should remove Bitcoin SV from the listing. Most of the participants responded positively.

Recall that yesterday, April 15, the delisting of Bitcoin SV was announced by the Binance exchange and the ShapeShift platform.